Palatin Restaurant - Varaždin

A house in Varaždin

In the mid-18th century, Varaždin was surrounded with a moat filled with water from an offshoot of the river Drava. The city’s residents also had a rich source of fish in the city’s ponds.

It’s no wonder, then, that fish was often on the menu. Even the city’s account books, under outgoings for game, show payments for the fish that was served at all official feasts, both in the city and in the city’s vineyards. At the western side of the ‘coast’ of the former moat, across from the city water tower which sprung up in the 1960’s and broke the city skyline, stands a classicist 19th century corner house, which experts describe as a well-kept, “interesting architectural and urban undertaking typical of Varaždin”. In this very house, you will find the fascinating Palatin restaurant, whose chefs prepare fresh fish from the river Drava using the same traditional recipes that the citizens of Varaždin have enjoyed for centuries.


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