Novi Marof – experience nature

In the southern part of Varaždin County, there is an area of rich historical and cultural heritage. 

The former castle of Count Erdödy, now a hospital, is situated in the centre of Novi Marof, with a beautiful park ideal for long walks. On the eastern side of Ivanščica mountain, you will find the remains of Grebengrad, one of the oldest castles in this part of Croatia and a favourite hiking destination. The northern side of the mountain is home to the Bela monument complex, with its castles Bela I and II, a park, and the ruins of an old fort. Not far from the town of Novi Marof is Topličica, a sports centre with swimming pools and well-kept tennis courts for those looking for recreation, while nature lovers and those seeking an active holiday can enjoy fishing, cycling, or walking in the valleys of the Bednja and Lonja rivers...

Every year in September, the green vastness of the Paka forest complex hosts Porcini Days, a gastronomic experience marked by an abundance of mushrooms growing in the area. For lovers of speed and adrenaline, the Raus kart track in Možđenec is the place to be. The track has been hosting numerous motorcycle competitions for years. Whether its boundless possibilities for an active holiday in nature or its cultural and historical sites, Novi Marof offers plenty of reasons to visit.

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