New tourist attraction - Nijemci Birdwatching Centre

Recognizing the value of its region and the specific features of its natural environment, and given the fact that its territory is inhabited by around 100 species of birds, the municipality of Nijemci began its Nijemci Birdwatching Centre project a year and a half ago.

This project, which was successfully completed recently, was co-financed under the Regional Competitiveness 2007-2013 Operational Programme. The total project value was 1,222,904.95 EUR, EU co-financing amounted to 999,835.84 EUR, or 81.75%, while the remainder was financed by the municipality of Nijemci. The project was implemented in 18 months.

Besides river adventure tourism, scenic boat trips, and traditional food tasting, visitors can now enjoy a new tourist attraction — birdwatching — under the shade of the ancient Spačva basin's oak trees along the Bosut and Spačva rivers. The project included outfitting the Birdwatching Centre and renovating the Sopotac excursion centre along with its playground and observation post... An arboretum was also built, access roads were renovated for those not keen on boating, and there are also bicycles and boats for rent... A number of other things have been planned for the future, such as hanging bridges and an adrenaline park, all of which should ultimately help make this part of eastern Croatia a more attractive tourist destination.

Special attention has been paid to numerous educational programmes and the training of locals and small and medium enterprises in the development of new tourist products in order to promote and encourage the future development of both the Centre and the region as a tourist attraction. Together with of the Vukovar-Srijem County's Protected Natural Resource Management Institution, the project partner in the Nijemci Birdwatching Centre, a programme called Young Nature Keepers has been executed, which focuses on the education of fifth and sixth graders. The main goal of the programme was to introduce young people to the basics of birdwatching, behaviour in nature, and the biodiversity of the area. It was also intended to promote and raise awareness of the importance of preserving nature and the environment, as well as getting children actively involved in environmental protection at the county level.

This project has given the municipality of Nijemci a new, high-quality tourist product that includes the attractions of the area, and allows visitors to explore the natural and traditional treasures of Srijem, focusing on the conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development.

The Municipality of Nijemci  

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