Ludbreg, the sanctuary at the centre of the world

Unlike many famous cities and capitals, legend states that Ludbreg is indeed the only town at the centre of the world. Since ancient times, Ludbreg has been outlined by circles with European capitals situated on their rims. It is a town of wonders and legends, and it enchants visitors with its mixture of religious, historic, scientific, and artistic heritage, as well as its fascinating stories.

The Ludbreg Sanctuary of the Precious Blood of Christ is unique in Croatia, and among the few in the Christian world recognized by a Papal Bull in 1513. This recognition was preceded by a miraculous event in 1411, when wine miraculously turned into the Holy Blood of Christ during Mass in a feudal castle chapel. Near the Sanctuary, you can also find the Votive Chapel of the Croatian Parliament, whose construction fulfilled a vow made in 1739. The chapel and the Stations of the Cross make up a unique permanent exhibition of Murano glass mosaics.

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