Lepoglava, the city of lace

Situated in an idyllic landscape between the mountains of Ivanščica and Ravna gora and bisected by the river Bednja, Lepoglava offers a unique experience of culture, art, traditional handicrafts, and natural beauty. 

Lepoglava is located near two European motorways: Zagreb - Graz - Vienna and Zagreb - Budapest. A significant role in the recognition of Lepoglava was played by its famous Lepoglava lace, which was entered into the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2009 as a part of Croatian lace-making tradition. Every year in September, the traditional International Festival of Lace is held in Lepoglava. Another good reason to visit Lepoglava is to see the 15th century Church of St. Mary, a Gothic building with Baroque elements decorated with frescoes by respected artist Ivan Krstitelj Ranger. Not far from the town of Lepoglava, there is a geological monument called Gaveznica, the only preserved fossil volcano in Croatia, a site where the semi-precious stone agate can be found. Its informative trails make it a scientific and educational tourist attraction.

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