La Gus Hotel - Turčin

Lookout point

For years, Varaždinbreg has been a favourite spot among Varaždin’s citizens. Almost every respectable family in Varaždin kept their vineyards, cottages, and country manors here in order to satisfy the people of Varaždin’s love for the hills.

They would visit Varaždinbreg to go on excursions or hikes, for parties in the numerous manors, or later the famous parties in an oak forest near the train station in Turčin. And it is right here, at the very foothill of Varaždinbreg, just 7 kilometres from Varaždin, that you will find Hotel La Gus, with its spacious terrace offering a view stretching across the city and the Drava valley, all the way to Slovenia and Hungary. Today, the hotel maintains the tradition of Varaždin’s favourite excursion site and motel, well-known in the 20th century for its selection of dishes featuring wild game, but especially for its trademark klipić pastry. When Varaždin’s citizens would travel to Zagreb, they would always make the mandatory stop at Varaždinbreg for a morning coffee and a fresh, warm klipić.


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