Grešna Pilnica Rural Household - Klenovnik

Then and now at Grešna Pilnica

Next to the town of Klenovnik – famous for the Croatian viceroy family Drašković, which built one of the most representative neo-Renaissance castles in Croatia, where sessions of Croatian Parliament were held while Ivan Drašković served as viceroy – there is a village farm, whose wine cellar the locals once called “Grešna pilnica” (the Sinful Tavern).

Its charming owner, Mr. Aftek, sold wine to local families, and it was usually the women who would come to pick it up. After having a glass or two too many, the story goes that many of them wound up on Aftek’s old barrel, and it wasn’t far to sin after that... As a reminder of those past times, Aftek’s old, “well-worn” barrel still sits in the corner of the cellar. The traditional content and original farmhouse have all been preserved, and the house has been converted into a museum. The farm serves as an excursion area well-known for its selection of simple, country meals – mushroom soup, homemade sausages, and delicious roasts baked in the brick oven...


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