Garestin Restaurant - Varaždin

Delicious roasts

The longest street in Varaždin (around 4km), once called Dugi konec (Long Street) but today known as Zagrebačka street, was the setting for an important historical event that defined the future of the city.

A fire broke out in 1776 on this very street, and according to historical records, half of the city burned to the ground in three days and three nights. The viceroy of Croatia then moved to Zagreb, and Varaždin lost its status as the capital. But time heals all wounds. The city recovered, and Long Street became longer and longer... And all along its length, there were a few taverns and inns near the city. They were places that served real, simple, homemade folk meals, roasts and sausages, places where quality food and drink was always aplenty. This tradition is carried on today by Garestin restaurant (Garestin is the name used for Varaždin in its first written record). It is located in a gentry house that was home to one of the most famous citizens of Varaždin, professor Krešimir Filić.


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