Full of life

All too often our daily routine, we fill our lives with days. We need to be reminded that in order to feel truly happy and fulfilled, we should fill our days with life!

Every human being has a profound need to fill themselves up with all the good things life has to offer: good food, beautiful landscapes, relaxing environments and charming people, etc. Places that are full of these experiences are energising and inspiring. Everyone needs to visit somewhere that is full of life from time to time. And Croatia is definitely one of those places! Croatia is bursting with experiences, places and different Mediterranean lifestyles. Croatia is a young country with a fresh energy that will fill you up with pure life. Tourism is one of the most important industries in Croatia and therefore deserves the full attention when it comes to communication strategy, for the promotion of tourism is also the promotion of Croatia. Croatian National Tourist Board ensures that promotional activities help maintain and develop the quality of tourist offer in Croatia. Croatia wants to play an important role in the relaxing, exploring and entertaining experiential tourism markets and become a multi-product destination with lower seasonality, higher profitability and more powerful brand. In October 2014 the Croatian National Tourist Board issued a call for submission of applications for participation in drafting an umbrella communication concept - ‘Big Idea’. The goal was to get a communication concept that will represent comprehensive integrated marketing communication for Croatia for the next five to ten years. Selected communication concept is not just a slogan, but a complete platform from which will emerge the story of Croatia as a tourist destination. The ultimate goal of positioning Croatia is to be differentiated as a Mediterranean tourism brand recognized for the excellence and diversity of lifestyles. The programme supports Strategic Marketing Plan for Croatian Tourism 2014-2020, which defines the objectives as an increase of brand power, average consumer spend and visitors pre- and post-season. Further to the tender and selected concept, the Croatian National Tourism Board has launched ‘Full of Life’, a new multi-channel marketing campaign designed to boost visitor numbers by showcasing the diversity of the destination. To celebrate the launch, on October 1 and 2 a Croatian island was floated down London’s River Thames before docking near Tower Bridge for a two-day ‘Full of Life’ extravaganza. Inspired by Croatia’s 1,244 islands, the island on the Thames featured a medieval turret, indigenous flowers and traditional klapa musicians, with selected members of the public also given the opportunity to enjoy a Croatian ‘mini-break’ in the capital. FULL speaks of Croatia’s diversity and no-seasonality. Croatia is bursting with places and Mediterranean lifestyles. LIFE speaks of Croatia’s vitality and youthful spirit. Croatia is a young country with fresh energy that will fill you up with pure life. Around this big idea CNTB has built a triangular ecosystem of messages. This ecosystem provides sufficient diversity of relevant messages in all of the different markets, for different targets and for different stages of maturity. The ‘Full of Life’ campaign is focused on the rich and varied activities and experiences of the offer throughout Croatia, from historical hotspots to fine wines and world-class music festivals. The campaign incorporated a range of online, broadcast and print elements as well as substantial digital and social media activity (#CroatiaFullOfLife), including competitions, video content and website content. The big idea „Croatia, full of life“ allows CNTB to build a strategy in phases, or depending on the maturity of the target market. The idea is to use rational approach for less mature markets. Here it is important to highlight the diversity of activities, all the possibilities opened up for all our segments. From sunny relaxing beaches, to the most complex historical sites and the most amazing natural parks. Through the diversity it is possible to put Croatia on the map and raise awareness of all of its possibilities. 

INFO: Croatian National Tourist Board www.croatia.hr


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