Đurina Hiža Rural Household - Varaždinske Toplice

At a friend's house

Ivan Kukuljević, historian, writer, politician, Varaždin County judge, and a leader of the Croatian National Revival, the man who held the first speech in the Croatian language before Croatian Parliament in 1843, owned a manor on a hill near Varaždinske Toplice. For twenty years, it was a meeting place of young Croatian Revivalists...

Here, in his vineyards, they often socialised, sang, enjoyed themselves, and went hunting. But as the historian wrote, they also used their meetings “to speak of patriotism and serious national business.” And as long as Kukuljević’s manor stood, its guests certainly ate and drank well. Mushrooms, berries, nuts, and wild game from the nearby forest largely defined the specialties that were brought to the table. This culinary tradition, based on traditional meals using these same ingredients from the forest combined with produce grown on the farm, is continued today just below the original location of Kukuljević’s manor at Đurina Hiža family restaurant.

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