Dining with a traditional touch

Visitors to Varaždin County have a nearly endless choice of cultural, historical, and natural monuments, legends, stories, and lively events and happenings wrapped in tradition, good vibrations, and the joy of living.

   Thanks to its hardworking people, who have maintained numerous traditions in preparing “good old-fashioned” home-cooked meals, the region is also host to a true wealth of flavours, a tradition of fine dining, and unforgettable gourmet experiences. Experiencing the local cuisine means experiencing a variety of meals, some of which came about beside local hearths through the simplicity and ingenuity of village cooks, while 4 others came about through high culinary skill in the kitchens of city restaurants and noble houses, where meals were prepared for luxurious feasts at formal balls in the halls of nobles, counts, and leaders. Once the capital of Croatia, the city of Varaždin and its luxurious lifestyle were heavily influenced by Austro-Hungarian and Viennese cuisine, and so good food and drink have always been a part of the local tradition. The feasts of Varaždin’s guilds were true gastronomic events that could last for days - meals were served in more than thirty courses, and guests could eat and drink to their hearts’ content. The charm of Varaždin’s cuisine has always been in its selection of fresh, local ingredients either raised by the hardworking hands of local farmers in their gardens or fields, or found in the local forests or near the area’s numerous brooks and springs. The region also has numerous local products that bear certificates of authenticity or are even protected: Varaždin cabbage, Varaždin sour cabbage, pumpkin seed oil, varaždinski klipić (a local roll made with milk and cumin)… Local meals are made with wheat and corn flour for fresh-baked bread, pasta, polenta, varaždinski klipić, mlinci (wheat noodles), štrukli (boiled or baked cheesefilled pastry), zlevanka (sweet or savoury corn-flour cake), prosta trnovečka makovnjača (poppy-seed cake), vidovečki gibanik (wheat and buckwheat flour cake with cheese and beets), cvetlinska gibanica (leavened corn-flour cake with cottage cheese), buckwheat porridge for toppings for baked duck, turkey, and goose…, Varaždin sour cabbage (for stuffed cabbage, krpice sa zeljem (fried noodles with sour cabbage), or fried sour cabbage with sausage and čurke (boiled buckwheat blood sausages), beets, pumpkin, and pumpkin seed oil (for great salads), beans, potatoes, game, pork, local chicken (for golden chicken soup), chestnuts, mushrooms, plums (for stuffed pork tenderloin, dumplings, or homemade jam), walnuts, apples… The people of Varaždin have always enjoyed good food and drink rich in flavours that soothe the body and calm the soul. And that’s why we recommend the same to our guests. But don’t hurry - give yourself time to enjoy the experience. Feel the love woven into each bite of every meal, and remember that “the way to the heart is through the stomach” - because people here know that love is what keeps guests coming back. This is an invitation to experience and explore the variety of flavours offered at selected establishments that bear the mark of the Flavours of Croatian Tradition – the Flavours of Varaždin County. Try them all, and enjoy. Bon appétit!

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