County Brands - Zagreb County

Zagreb county boasts a rich selection of traditional food and local wines. In 1999, it became the first in Croatia to begin branding food products produced on its farms. Today, the protected brands of Zagreb County are present on the Croatian market with products like Purtugizec Plešivica and Kraljevina Zelina wines, “Sunčana” brand apples, “Laktec” sauerkraut, Samoborska salama, “Kap zdravlja” apple cider vinegar, “Dragec” and “Kriško” cheeses, “Grof” ham, and “Sjećanja za stolom” brand foods and homemade polenta.

SAMOBORSKA SALAMA This salami is produced traditionally from the highest-quality cuts of pork loin and rib with added natural spices, and is smoked over beech wood. Throughout the production process, there is constant supervision of the feeding of pigs, the quality of meat used for production, production technology, and the drying, smoking, storage, sale, and quality of the salami produced. Samoborska salami is a bright red colour, marbled with pieces of meat and bacon, and has a pleasant scent and a rich, savoury taste.

DRAGEC dried cheese “Dragec” cheese has been produced since 2004 with respect for tradition, the characteristics of the region, the production process, and the flavour, scent, and appearance of the cheese. This semi-hard cheese is produced traditionally from fresh cow’s milk, and is naturally dried and smoked over beech wood, giving it a unique aroma. There are five kinds of “Dragec” cheese on the market: smoked, dried, red paprika, garlic, and green pepper.

KRIŠKO cheese This hard cheese is made from fresh cow’s milk produced in the county. It is aged for at least 60 days under controlled conditions, and it goes to market in its natural protective skin. It is mildly savoury and pungent, with a unique scent and a full and pleasant, tart flavour. It is extremely healthy and is rich in proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

PURTUGIZEC PLEŠIVICA Purtugizec is a young, dark-red wine with a pleasant, distinct aroma and a pleasant, mild, fresh taste. This wine can also be aged in the bottle, and some such bottles have been aging for more than 15 years. It is best drunk chilled to 14°C. As it is one of the symbols of autumn and the first fruits of the season, it goes quite well paired with ripe, roasted chestnuts, as well as seasonal blood sausage, duck, goose, cold cuts, and goulash. The wine is made from the purtugizec crni grape, which is traditionally grown on the hills of Plešivica. According to legend, Purtugizec has been grown in the region surrounding Jastrebarsko since the early 19th century, when the area was ruled by the French as a part of Napoleon’s Illyrian Provinces. At the recent “Portugieser Du Monde” wine festival in Pecs (Hungary), winemakers from Plešivica won two gold medals and eight silver medals.

KRALJEVINA ZELINA The Kraljevina Zelina brand was created in 1999 in cooperation between winemakers from Zelina and the County of Zagreb, with the goal of protecting this local varietal, spreading its popularity, and making it competitive at market. It is the traditional wine of the Zelina region. It is moderately alcoholic and has mild acidity, making it light and refreshing. It is served chilled to 11°C paired with boiled and baked turkey, chicken, veal, lamb, and pork.

KAP ZDRAVLJA apple cider vinegar Produced traditionally from healthy, fresh apples grown in the county through the natural conversion of apple juice into wine and wine into vinegar, without any additional fermentation. This is one of the oldest Croatian natural curatives. It contains acids that neutralise LDL cholesterol, as well as pectin which aids in controlling the level of sugar in the bloodstream. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, especially potassium, which the human body requires to function normally. It is aromatic and has a mild, tart scent and flavour.

SUNČANA brand apples In 2007, Zagreb County presented the county apple brand “Sunčana”, which is sold under the slogan “Home-grown and high quality”. These apples are produced in an integrated fashion that does not harm the environment and protects the health of the consumer. These apples are extra class and first class, and have a refreshing flavour.

HOMEMADE POLENTA Homemade polenta is a traditional dish not only in Zagreb County, but across all of Croatia. It is produced from high-quality ingredients carefully selected from hybrids of family farm raised corn, which have exceptionally high quality grains and make excellent flour and corn meal. Polenta has a high nutritional and energetic value because of its high quantity of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and edible fibre.

GROF ham This true homemade ham is produced from the meat of traditionally-raised pigs, which is hand-processed using the same methods used for centuries. It is dry-salted and smoked. It has a pleasant, savoury and full flavour, a fine shape, and excellent pink marbling.

LAKTEC sauerkraut This sauerkraut from the town of Laktec, in the winemaking region of Sveti Ivan Zelina, was the first scientific project of the Agricultural Research Council to become a brand. It is produced traditionally from cabbage grown in Zagreb County. ‘According to grandma’s recipe’, the cabbage is soured traditionally in its own juices with the addition of salt and no extra water. It has a fresh scent, pleasant acidity, and a rich flavour. It is especially rich in vitamin C and minerals and is low in calories, making it an excellent addition to a balanced diet.

SJEĆANJA ZA STOLOM (MEMORIES AT THE TABLE) This collection of traditional recipes from Zagreb County came about as the result of detailed research into gastronomic tradition with the aim of locating and commercialising twenty traditional specialties, which restaurateurs would then offer their guests under a shared county brand. This brand of meals has protected highly valuable traditional meals that are usually prepared as family meals and are difficult to find on restaurant menus. Twenty four meals were selected, some of which are: ham baked in bread, Samobor salami with cottage cheese, boiled Žumberak lamb with vegetables, Kloštar-style horse steak with homemade noodles, “Laktec” stuffed cabbage with sauerkraut, the Zagreb County sweet platter…


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