Cheese Routes - Zagreb County

Just a half hour from the centre of Zagreb, you can sample the quality of homemade products and experience the scents and flavours of Zagreb’s Cheese Routes.

Nine successful mini-dairies from Zagreb County and three from the city of Zagreb have joined forces in a communal project – the Zagreb Regional Cheese Routes. They industriously prepare their various cheeses from the milk of their own local cows and goats. These mini-dairies boast an enviable number of awards from national and county exhibitions, serving as proof of the quality and variety of their products. They offer traditionally-made cottage cheeses, boiled cheeses, and smoked cheeses, as well as soft, hard, and semi-hard cheeses, and even cheeses with added spices. The are also features two well-known brands developed and launched under the auspices of Zagreb County – “Dragec” dried cheese and “Kriško” hard cheese. A new brand, “ZG Sirek”, a cottage cheese made from cows milk, has recently been launched, and it is currently being produced by six producers from Zagreb County and the city of Zagreb.


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