Arabela Restaurant – Globočec ludbreški

Catfish and bacon, arm in arm.

Globočec Ludbreški is a village beside Ludbreg, a city of miracles and legends, the centre of the world, home to one of the largest and oldest Eucharistic sanctuaries in Europe.

   Thanks to its hardworking people, who have maintained numerous traditions in preparing “good old-fashioned” home-cooked meals, the region is also host to a true wealth of flavours, a tradition of fine dining, and unforgettable gourmet experiences. Experiencing the local cuisine means experiencing a But Globočec has its own special attraction as well. The largest stone statue of St. Vincent in the world, at 7.5 metres tall, was placed on a wine route above the village five years ago. And as the true patron saint of the vineyards here, he is holding a grape vine in his hand. The statue’s eight-metre pedestal offers a beautiful view of the entire Ludbreg area, Podravina, and Hungary... Under the auspices of St. Vincent, nestled among vineyards, you will also find Arabela restaurant – a destination for those who truly enjoy traditional folk cooking and good wine. And thanks to the numerous springs and the river Drava, this green landscape has always been rich in fish. Arabela restaurant offers an unmissable selection of fish dishes, including their house specialty – fillet of locally-caught catfish wrapped in bacon.


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