River, soil and woods – these words could be used to begin a story of the Vukovar-Syrmian county's easternmost part, Županja.

Župa or Županja is a town on the bank of the river Sava, whose name was first mentioned in the 16th century (as Županje Blato). There are no doors to enter, because no one can close the width of the plain or stop the flow of the river. If you are a traveler, you can always feel freedom, as it has always been defended in these parts. Near the villages, next to the woods, people built rural dwellings (called burdelji, salaši…). Those were the dwellings in the nature where people lived and took care of their livestock. We all know that nature is the cure for stress and therefore we invite you to, even briefly, return to those places which have become parts of the past.  Leaving Županja, people will carry a picture of the peaceful and friendly town by the river, which has always reminded its inhabitants that the life is “a gram of sorrow, a gram of laughter and Sava is a scale“. There are some important facts about Županja that people should know: Football and tennis in Croatia were first played in Županja; Srećko Albini, one of the first Croatian composers and conductors, was born in our town; a zeppelin inventor David Schwarz spent a lot of time in Županja; the first rock band from the 60s in the 20th century  was "Lotosi",  which was popular in the whole country; some of the finest tambura players (tambura= a national instrument, a kind of stringed instrument) played together with Albini….. Županja has also got  some of the very popular contemporary musicians: Opća Opasnost, Colonia, as well as the bands of tambura-players such as "Najbolji hrvatski tamburaši", "Kristali", Patria"," Contra", " Žute dunje"…. People from Županja are well known for the excellent gastronomic delicacies such as kulin (a kind of high quality dried sausage), čobanac (a kind of goulash), fiš-paprikaš (a fish stew), sausages, šljivovica (plum brandy) and lots of different kinds of pastry. Our inhabitants also cherish their love for horses and carriages and they have been trying to incorporate these into rural tourism and recreation (such as horse riding, riding the horse carriage, etc.)

Source: Tourist Board of Županja

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