Nijemci a naturally beautiful experience

The town of Nijemci is located at Croatia’s far eastern end, amid gentle plains scattered with fields worked by the caring hands of Syrmia’s local farmers, where the endless plain meets the sky at one end, and the branches of the rivers Bosut and Spačvatrace their lazy way through the fields and centuries-old oak forests. Natural beauty and endless possibilities for an active holiday (canoe rides, birdwatching, strolling through the endless fields, cycling, horseback riding…) make Nijemci a perfect holiday destination. Come and relax as you watch the farmers –work the fields and listen to the sounds of the nature surrounding you, and enjoy the company of your gracious hosts, who are always cheerful and ready for a great time…


One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the region is the Sveta Katarina, a thirtymetre long boat that sails along the rivers Bosut and Spačva. Your hosts will lead you on an hours-long, relaxing ride along these rivers that wind through the plains and majestic oak forests of Syrmia, giving you a unique opportunity to see local wildlife above, beside, on, and under the water. This is a place where fishermen can catch any of the twenty species of fish that live in the local waters, or simply socialise beside a fragrant bubbling pot of the best local fish paprikash… These boat excursions are a delightfully simple yet wonderfully different experience. If you’d prefer to observe the local avian world in peace and quiet, head towards the new Bird Watching Centre and excursion centre at Sopotac, just 4 kilometres north of the centre of Nijemci. You will have the opportunity to spot any of the 87 local species of birds that have been identified amidst the local plains and wild riverbanks, the most prominent of which are the charismatic black stork, white-tailed eagle, and the hoopoe… Right alongside the Zagreb-Lipovac highway, in a beautiful oak forest on the banks of the river Spačva, you will find the Spačva Hotel*** with 120 beds and an autocamp with 30 beds in unique bungalows made from giant wine barrels. This is the ideal starting point for outlets, bicycle rides, or simply a relaxing stroll through the forest.


Divan je kićeni Srijem is a delightful festival full of various events and happenings, held every year during the third weekend in June. It celebrates the culture and tradition of village life in Syrmia, bringing the local population together from far and wide. This festival celebrates the most important part of local heritage – man and his everyday life, rich in traditional values. The festival is full of folklore, music, dance, song and fun, as well as the preparation of products grown in the fields, meadows, village gardens, rivers, and forests – honey, brandy, homemade sausages, kulen, bacon, or pork greaves made from the black Slavonian pig. With a rich selection of local dishes prepared with the well-known love and generosity of the locals, this is an event you simply can’t miss.

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